Reach new prospects similar to your best customers

Find new prospects who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your most profitable and successful customers.

Get relevant leads

We help to keep your sales rep busy with relevant B2B leads that want what you sell.

The LeadClone process

We will help you every step of the way

What do your customers have in common

Together with you, we identify signals in your existing or desired customer segment that can help in our search for new leads for your business.

For example "open job positions," "started using HubSpot", "speaker at an event," "hired the 50th employee."

Making sure the leads are a good fit

We will try to understand what your Qualifying Criteria are. We brainstorm with you and identify which traits you want and don't want in the customers you work with.

Together we will specify an ideal customer profile and a buyer persona. This will be helpful for both finding leads and for you to build rapport faster.

In the end, we want to help you find companies you can work with, most effortlessly and comfortably possible. Doing business together should be mutually beneficial.

Your customized lead engine

We scrape the internet and use AI to uncover potential leads.

Every week or month depending on your needs our lead engine will discover new leads for your business.

Based on the signals and criteria we defined together these leads will be ranked and you will get a list of the most relevant ones.

These will be leads that fit your product/service and which fit based on company size/culture.

"It is Netflix for leads - new leads that all match our profile."

Exploring new markets with high-quality leads

When your closing rate starts to go down, it can be a sign that you have taken all the ideal matches in your segment. You can choose to continue getting lists in this segment if there are more.

A better option is to use our expertise to help you identify new industries and segments.

Our engine can help discover adjacent groups of companies, that are similar in the ways that are relevant but are in a different segment.

How we can help you at your stage

Outbound only phase

At this stage, you won't have many leads and might know where to start.

We can help you find your first customers and kickstart your business

Getting good at outbound

With your outbound selling going well we can use the sales data to find the best leads to you.

You will feel like you are closing almost every call as all leads are specifically picked for you and your sales team.

At this stage, we will begin to build an inbound strategy to grow your business even faster.

Getting too many inbound leads

At some point, you will get many inbound leads from blogs posts, lead forms and website tracking. Now the biggest challenge is to figure out who is serious and valuable enough to pursue.

Our lead engine can enrich and prioritize your inbound leads for better closing rates and bigger order values.

How to get started

Book a 30 minutes lead strategy call

During this call, we will figure out if and how we best can help your business

Follow up call

We share our plan for working together


We will discover the details about your leads

Leads Lists

You will first get a list of test leads and based on the experience either continue with those or get back to us with feedback in order to improve the next list of leads.

Book your 30 minutes lead strategy call now


CRM integration

Ever improving algorithm

We can integrate into your CRM if you want to. Integrating your CRM will make your work easier.

Every time your leads list gets empty we can automatically fill it with new leads.

Furthermore, as you move your leads through the sales process and mark them as won or lost and even tag it with a reason "too expensive," "bad fit," or similar we can use that in our algorithm to improve your results with the next incoming leads.

Import Linkedin Network

Get a head start with your network

We know that many experienced salespeople such as yourself want to leverage their network for fast results.

For example, an excellent approach to getting the first sales could be to go to your Linkedin and go through your 1st and 2nd level connections and see if there are any apparent opportunities.

Using your Linkedin Network is a great approach, and we love that you care to use personal connections as that is one of the fundamental elements to making a sales.

One thing though is that depending on how many connections you have; you might end up with several thousands of "leads" with no obvious place to start.

What we can do is to find the overlap in your connections and relevant leads.

The result will be a list of companies that are great fits for your business and where you happen to have a foot in the door.

Matching your network with our lead list will give you superpowers.

LeadClone puts your lead sourcing on autopilot. We adjust the lead engine until you get the list that gets you the results you expect.

You are gonna love LeadClone

What companies could benefit from our lead service

  • If you have an existing lead qualification process and team, you might look to automate parts of the lead sourcing. We can help you.
  • If you are selling an online product or software integration, for example, an online chat or product recommendation engine, we can help you find leads.
  • You are looking to close between 10 - 300 leads a month.
  • Your desired clients can be split into homogeneous segments that have traits in common, for example, location, company size, technologies used, or similar.

What companies should use another approach

  • The core of our lead engine is data gathered online. Which means that if your desired leads aren't online, we will struggle to help you.
  • You are targeting a very diverse group of companies with very few things in common. You are most probably better off with Paid Advertising.
  • You are looking to close more than 10 000 leads a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I receive my leads?

After we have had our strategy call, we will work around the clock to find your first list of leads.
This will usually take less than a week.

What data or access do you need?

We need a list of your existing customers (if you have one) and then we will ask your Sales reps and managers some questions.

I'm in X industry. Can you help?

We only take on projects where we think we can indeed help the business, so let's take a call and see if we are a good fit.

What kind of results do you guarantee?

We don't control your Sales team or the buyer you are reaching out to...

However, what we do is to quickly test and evaluate leads to find the best matches for you.

When we work together, you should get some great results quickly.

Do you also sell for us?

Our strengths are researching the internet and built great software to find good leads for you.

We can offer you advice and suggestions for selling to your leads, but it is up to you to reach out to them.

Can I ask another question?

Of course.
Please send an email to with your questions.

Made in the Denmark

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